Thursday, June 7, 2012

new exciting changes


sometimes, things just don't work out in the end.  it was time to move on.  so i started an ice cream company (more info on that later) & returned to the kitchen as the pastry chef at Kata Robata & Azuma.  after 8 months of hiatus, it feels great working 80+ hours a week again.  after a month, the body aches, but oh does it hurt so good.  the mind is able to create again and dishes compose themselves much easier.  i am gracious and humbled by the opportunities that have been offered to me.  i got more support from the community, family & friends than i could ever imagine.  i thank you, and promise to bust my ass to give you the best.  enough of that, here are some pictures.

mango-hum cylinder/almond shortbread/coconut milk sherbet/pickled celery/coconut milk powder

chocolate pudding/yuzu curd/roasted banana ice cream/black sesame pain de gene/black sesame powder/shiso

raw sweet texas plums/avocado puree/matcha sorbet/matcha crumble/mascarpone-cilantro soup/micro cilantro 

toasted rice panna cotta/coconut sherbet/almond powder/sesame seed tapioca/edamame-lychee puree/fresh wasabi/sesame oil

watermelon compressed in togarashi/pickled fennel/lava salt/buttermilk sherbet/watermelon ice/fennel top vinaigrette

yuzu-lime semifreddo/honey cream/honey smacks/lime confit/buttermilk-basil sherbet/pulled honey/yuzu cream/fried basil

frozen vanilla bean/frozen mango/chicory+cocoa crumble/cilatro oil/pulled honey

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dinner @13celcius 

o how we take a kitchen for granted.  this dinner was served out of a wine bar that didn't contain a kitchen, a hand sink for our dish pit and no freezer (so no ice cream or sorbet).

remora (shark suckers) scented with crown dill, chicken fat, roasted chicken juice & infant carrots
guachanche barracuda with greenbriar shoots & pistou  of wild violet leaves
belly of almaco jack cured with kombu & elderflower
dried duck with sea urchin emulsion & nasturtium
mushrooms cooked over charcoal with almond scented kholrabi
crevella jack "ham" with pear & cressida cress
all about the textures ... rutabaga & pear in bay leaf cream*maple granola*pickled mustard seeds*rutabaga jam*brown butter cake*stevia flowers
beets roasted with caraway*sour cream*bread crumbs*beet vinaigrette*candied nori

Thursday, February 23, 2012

make yourself a better cook

from the 1st day i stepped into the kitchen, i knew that observing and learning, all that i could, from the WHOLE would help me become a better cook.  still in the process of waiting for restaurant conat to open, i now have time to try new techniques (to me anyways) and to finally get my hands "dirty" with my exploration of the savory side.

learned how to open & cure live uni (thank you chef hori-san)

learning to butcher & handle fresh fish (thank you chef hori-san)

lychee-coconut milk truffle ... ganache emulsified with robot coupe (texture is awesome)

dad's birthday tart ... coconut shortbread dough*mascarpone mousse*grapefruit gelee*chocolate cremeux*micro cilantro*grapefruit confit

Friday, February 3, 2012

desserts @paulie's for the mid-winter repast

charred parsnip puree*coffee-ginger crumble*coffee yogurt*french yogurt cake*frozen ginger yogurt*candied parsnip chips
grapefruit, pickled celeriac & candied celery salad
milk chocolate ganache*celeriac soup*grapefruit salad*grapefruit sorbet*grapefruit oil*dehydrated milk chocolate
birthday cake for mai & pattie ... hazelnut mousse*banana maple caramel*lime dacquoise*lime curd*corn nut crunch*dark chocolate mousse

Monday, January 16, 2012

random desserts

buttermilk custard*citrus sorbet*rosemary milk*nori puree*candied nori*citrus tuile*citrus oil
chocolate financier*sesame shortbread noodles*coconut panna cotta*blue cheese gel

lemon-lime mousse*brown butter sorbet*fennel milk*fennel foam*fried fennel*salted caramel

toasted 7-grain ice cream*speculoos & buckwheat cake crumble*toasted yeast streusel*apple-raisin puree*pickled raisins

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On this day, 4 years ago, I worked my first day in a professional kitchen at the Houston Country Club.  Many great things have happened since then, can't wait to see what the coming years have to offer.  Thank you to all of those who have helped me along the way.

Umami dinner #4 @Kata Robata 

coffee mousse*matcha fluid gel*matcha meringue*caramel*cumin streusel*yuzu granite*aerated milk chocolate ice cream (still working on it) 

fossilized sweet potato*coconut cheesecake*cilantro foam*frozen cream cheese powder*coconut toast*caramel lychee sorbet
mint-almond roulade*pomelo cells*pomelo pith*broken pomelo vinaigrette*powdered black sesame*black sesame cream*maple-rum sorbet
chocolate mousse*fennel-sambuca cream*tonka bean panna cotta*sambuca sponge cake*caramelized lemon curd*toasted yeast crumble

pictures from Mai Pham ... thanks!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dessert tasting @paulie's restaurant

the theme of this dessert tasting was the flavors of southern holiday desserts ... 9 course tasting ... 2 savory ... 7 sweet

new card for our upcoming restaurant


rucker's savory dish #1 ... blistered onions*cardoons*chickweed*verjus

"coconut cream cake" ... coconut cheesecake*frozen powder of cream cheese*pecan shards*toasted coconut*lemongrass sorbet*lychee caramel*cilantro

"icebox pie" ... graham cracker cylinder*lemon-lime parfait*raisin puree*crystallized chestnuts*toasted caraway meringue
"sweet potato casserole" ... fossilized red yam*cinnamon marshmallow*encapsulated maple yogurt*rosewater sorbet*caramelized apple puree*apple chips*miso meringues
rucker's savory dish #2 ... grilled romaine*royale of smoked & dried pinfish bones*thai chili

"fruitcake" ... spiced panna cotta*dried orange & lemon segments*dried black grapes*lemon confit*broken orange zest vinaigrette*dehydrated brown butter cake*gran marnier foam*almond paste ice cream w/dried cherries 

"chocolate bread pudding" ... chocolate cremeux*toast cream*panko crumble*cranberry 'gnocchi'*butterscotch ice cream*mint

"sweet potato-buttermilk pie" ... chicory ganache*buttermilk sherbet*pickled red yam puree*red yam skin chips*dulce de leche buttercream*rye crumble*wood sorrel

"banana pudding" ... banana cream*vanilla bean mousse*vanilla bean shortbread*milk chocolate glaze*banana chips*guava toffee*hay foam

"divinity" ... pecans*garam masala*cocoa nibs

photos by paul patronella & jessica lin