Thursday, February 23, 2012

make yourself a better cook

from the 1st day i stepped into the kitchen, i knew that observing and learning, all that i could, from the WHOLE would help me become a better cook.  still in the process of waiting for restaurant conat to open, i now have time to try new techniques (to me anyways) and to finally get my hands "dirty" with my exploration of the savory side.

learned how to open & cure live uni (thank you chef hori-san)

learning to butcher & handle fresh fish (thank you chef hori-san)

lychee-coconut milk truffle ... ganache emulsified with robot coupe (texture is awesome)

dad's birthday tart ... coconut shortbread dough*mascarpone mousse*grapefruit gelee*chocolate cremeux*micro cilantro*grapefruit confit

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