Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dessert tasting @paulie's restaurant

the theme of this dessert tasting was the flavors of southern holiday desserts ... 9 course tasting ... 2 savory ... 7 sweet

new card for our upcoming restaurant


rucker's savory dish #1 ... blistered onions*cardoons*chickweed*verjus

"coconut cream cake" ... coconut cheesecake*frozen powder of cream cheese*pecan shards*toasted coconut*lemongrass sorbet*lychee caramel*cilantro

"icebox pie" ... graham cracker cylinder*lemon-lime parfait*raisin puree*crystallized chestnuts*toasted caraway meringue
"sweet potato casserole" ... fossilized red yam*cinnamon marshmallow*encapsulated maple yogurt*rosewater sorbet*caramelized apple puree*apple chips*miso meringues
rucker's savory dish #2 ... grilled romaine*royale of smoked & dried pinfish bones*thai chili

"fruitcake" ... spiced panna cotta*dried orange & lemon segments*dried black grapes*lemon confit*broken orange zest vinaigrette*dehydrated brown butter cake*gran marnier foam*almond paste ice cream w/dried cherries 

"chocolate bread pudding" ... chocolate cremeux*toast cream*panko crumble*cranberry 'gnocchi'*butterscotch ice cream*mint

"sweet potato-buttermilk pie" ... chicory ganache*buttermilk sherbet*pickled red yam puree*red yam skin chips*dulce de leche buttercream*rye crumble*wood sorrel

"banana pudding" ... banana cream*vanilla bean mousse*vanilla bean shortbread*milk chocolate glaze*banana chips*guava toffee*hay foam

"divinity" ... pecans*garam masala*cocoa nibs

photos by paul patronella & jessica lin

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  1. Chris - these look incredible. JT