Thursday, June 7, 2012

new exciting changes


sometimes, things just don't work out in the end.  it was time to move on.  so i started an ice cream company (more info on that later) & returned to the kitchen as the pastry chef at Kata Robata & Azuma.  after 8 months of hiatus, it feels great working 80+ hours a week again.  after a month, the body aches, but oh does it hurt so good.  the mind is able to create again and dishes compose themselves much easier.  i am gracious and humbled by the opportunities that have been offered to me.  i got more support from the community, family & friends than i could ever imagine.  i thank you, and promise to bust my ass to give you the best.  enough of that, here are some pictures.

mango-hum cylinder/almond shortbread/coconut milk sherbet/pickled celery/coconut milk powder

chocolate pudding/yuzu curd/roasted banana ice cream/black sesame pain de gene/black sesame powder/shiso

raw sweet texas plums/avocado puree/matcha sorbet/matcha crumble/mascarpone-cilantro soup/micro cilantro 

toasted rice panna cotta/coconut sherbet/almond powder/sesame seed tapioca/edamame-lychee puree/fresh wasabi/sesame oil

watermelon compressed in togarashi/pickled fennel/lava salt/buttermilk sherbet/watermelon ice/fennel top vinaigrette

yuzu-lime semifreddo/honey cream/honey smacks/lime confit/buttermilk-basil sherbet/pulled honey/yuzu cream/fried basil

frozen vanilla bean/frozen mango/chicory+cocoa crumble/cilatro oil/pulled honey

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  1. now everyone can easily visit you at kata to try one of your new delicious creations!! :)