Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dinner @13celcius 

o how we take a kitchen for granted.  this dinner was served out of a wine bar that didn't contain a kitchen, a hand sink for our dish pit and no freezer (so no ice cream or sorbet).

remora (shark suckers) scented with crown dill, chicken fat, roasted chicken juice & infant carrots
guachanche barracuda with greenbriar shoots & pistou  of wild violet leaves
belly of almaco jack cured with kombu & elderflower
dried duck with sea urchin emulsion & nasturtium
mushrooms cooked over charcoal with almond scented kholrabi
crevella jack "ham" with pear & cressida cress
all about the textures ... rutabaga & pear in bay leaf cream*maple granola*pickled mustard seeds*rutabaga jam*brown butter cake*stevia flowers
beets roasted with caraway*sour cream*bread crumbs*beet vinaigrette*candied nori

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