Tuesday, November 22, 2011

recent "desserts" at 1st Umami tasting @Kata Robata

why "desserts" in quotes?

at the 1st Umami tasting @Kata Robata, Chef Hori-san loved the idea of having a menu that would alternate courses between Kata Robata and me.  So, I was able to create a couple dishes that were more along the savory side, but still have touches of sweet.   

figs compressed in pernod*caramelized hazelnut & garlic gazpacho*candied garlic chips*yuzu gel*frozen akaushi beef fat powder*black garlic aioli*seaweed puff

kabocha*kabocha chips*miso-cured egg yolk*grilled milk mousse*hay sherbet*bourbon-miso foam*miso crumble*candied sesame seeds

sake ganache*edamame puree*candied edamame skin*sake-fennel gelee*mascarpone-fennel ice cream

tobacco-shiso ice cream*white chocolate namelaka*ginger-lime curd*avocado puree*white chocolate crisp*peanut butter powder

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